Taking Industrial Energy Management to the Next Level.

Our Mission and Insights

Our mission is to help industrial customers understand how energy is used in their facility so they can proactively manage their energy use profile and reduce energy consumption. We use a data-driven approach employing metering and software analysis to establish a proper visualization of the facility’s energy distribution. Industrials demand more detail. Our data-driven analytics approach will optimize energy consumption, reduce costs and make meaningful, sustainable changes for improved energy efficiency.

We look for deeper solutions in addition to the standardized simple solutions

“We use a data driven approach to assess, optimize and reduce the energy consumption of commercial and industrial facilities”

Reducing Energy Consumption Through Innovation

Energy Management Assessments

We leverage a portfolio of hardware and software tools, data analytics, meters and other onsite measuring devices to provide ongoing measuring and monitoring of energy usage on a day to day basis.

Data Driven Energy Analysis

We share the data generated through our software and metering methods with the industrial facilities to help them continue to understand their energy utilization.

Optimize Your Energy Portfolio

We leverage industry and custom models that can be applied to better manage the energy portfolio of our commercial and industrial customers.

Reducing your energy consumption is more effective than increasing or switching to other forms of renewable energy generation.

For the Owner

Data and insight into the operations and significant energy users in your company. We understand that Energy Management is not your primary business, but it is ours. We will work with you to develop strategies that promote energy efficiency, including leveraging external resources to assist you in reducing cost and maximizing profits.

For the Energy Manager

Assistance in data mining to identify, prioritize, and implement projects for continuous improvement in operations. You need insight into your energy consumption. We are there with real-time metering and data collecting software to help you plot the best course of action to reduce wasteful energy usage.

For the Facilities Manager

Interaction with the utility company to obtain the best funding support for the project. Pre and post-project data collection using real-time meters and data collection software. We know operations are lean. We have the resources to help you minimize funding requirements and manage your industrial energy projects.

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